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We make stories POP!

In an era where the digital landscape is saturated with content, Pamplemousse Productions emerges as a beacon of originality and innovation. We don't just tell stories; we make them POP! 🎉


From the first inklings of an idea to the final export, we're with you every step of the way! We pride ourselves on keeping every project on time and budget, without losing a single iota of quality.


Development and Prep

We don't just make content; we craft cinematic experiences. Our mood boards are so captivating, they'll whisk you away to realms of inspiration. And when it's time to unveil your vision to the world, our meticulously crafted pitch decks are your key to turning ideas into reality. We are also masters of the logistical arts: tackling scheduling with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker and  budgeting with the flourish of a financial wizard, ensuring every dollar is stretched to its maximum potential. We are firm believers of the adage "Fix it in Prep!" With Pamplemousse by your side, your project isn't just a dream—it's a blockbuster in the making! 🌟🎞️


Production Management

Production Management isn't just a job — it's an art form. We're masters of juggling: we've got the skills to balance the often opposing expectations of both clients and crew, ensuring a harmonious workflow that keeps a smile on everyone's face. From coordinating shoot logistics to liasing with crew and vendors to leadership on set, we're the glue that holds your production together. And when challenges arise, we tackle them head-on with a can-do attitude that turns obstacles into opportunities. So, whether you're shooting on a soundstage or braving the elements on location, trust Pamplemousse to keep your production running like a well-oiled machine.  🎥✨


Post Production

Post-production isn't just a phase for us — it's the stage where the final details of your vision are sculpted into reality. We don't just edit; we shape the raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece. We understand the importance color has on infusing your visuals with depth and vibrancy. Our VFX expertise allows us to seamlessly blend reality and imagination. Our sound and music design elevate the emotional impact of your project, immersing viewers in a world where every whisper and melody resonates deeply. Post-production is where your vision meets reality. 🎬🚀


Jillian Sczesnak


With a decade of New York production experience under her belt, Jillian founded Pamplemousse Productions as a vehicle to expand both her producing and creative muscles.


From single-camera corporate interviews to million narrative web series, Jillian has managed all shapes and sizes of productions. She is familiar with the New York and New Jersey tax incentives, SAG paperwork and payroll, and the dreaded Movie Magic.


Jillian currently resides in the Chicagoland area. She is a graduate of Northwestern University. She is currently in development on several web based projects.


Above all else, Jillian prides herself on being a producer who stands with production.

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